75.Tony Pay(non-registered)
The day I booked turned out to be a filthy wet & windy day but it did not stop the Kingfishers from turning up. I must have taken approx 400 photos on the day. The hide was very good and comfortable. Thanks Mark
74.Craig Lindsay(non-registered)
Spent two fantastic days at Mark's hide - one in March shooting perch shots and one in May concentrating on diving images. Lost count of the number of visits on each occasion (certainly over 20), and came away with shots that I'm delighted with. Certainly intend to return! Thanks Mark.
73.Paul Bailey(non-registered)
Fantastic day. Had about 10 visits to the perch over about 6 hrs on a very cold day. Some fantastic keepers and few 4k videos. Will be back in the spring. Thanks Mark
72.David Hirst(non-registered)
Rang mark and he had an available slot on the sunday,i did say as soon as a slot was available i'd be there. He showed me round the set up and left me to it. Its October and i was sat for over 4 hours before i got a visit. Then another two visits over the next 3-4 hours. Just the male this day. I will be back either in winter or maybe spring will be better for female visits too when they are breeding. But its a great day if you want to photograph kingfishers real close. Best thing is they do stick around when they perch up.
Thanks Mark
71.Martin Yelland(non-registered)
I had a brilliant day at Mark's hide. Without his help I wouldn't have got the shots I went home with. A wonderful place, I cannot wait to go back in early spring. Apparently the autumn isn't the best time for kingfisher, but I still had about 12 visits which I was delighted with. See you in '17 Mark.
70.Simon Oldfield(non-registered)
Thanks for your amazing kingfisher day really lots of photo opportunities really enjoyed it
Your help on set up etc was fantastic thank you so much
69.Martin Evans(non-registered)
A great day today at The Kingfisher Hide. It is stating the obvious to anyone who has seen Mark's photographs but he knows these birds, takes great photographs and is passionate about them.
It was muddy, the hide/shed is small, cold sat there for 9+ hours but oh my, you don't get this anywhere else I've been. I've found Kingshers in a number of places around Yorkshire (and had some success) but have often spent 6+ hours sat there for nothing. Not here. Within 5 minutes of Mark showing me around I had both male and female kingfishers within 10ft of the hide. I lost count of the number of visits but it was well over 15 in 8 hours and on 2 occassions both male and female.
It is not RSPB or YWT "anywhere" with their level of visitors, packed hides, noisy visitors and dogs running mad. It is what I'd like, a quiet, uninterrupted place, with surperb photographic opportunities you won't get anywhere else I know.
Thanks Mark.
68.Col and Sara(non-registered)
A great session today approx 37 visits from the Kingfishers both male and female, thanks Mark will be back in the spring
67.Ade Hall(non-registered)
Spent most of a day at Mark's set up, though in non-breeding season (early October). Mark was great and obviously has much passion for what he does. The set up was comfortable, well organised and despite visitations from the fishers not as frequent as during breeding times, I had an absolute blast. I will DEFINITELY be back to again shoot what in my opinion is one of the most attractive birds in the UK. Thanks Mark for a great day!
66.John Boyd(non-registered)
I have been to the hide several times and it never fails to produce the opportunity to take great picture. This year I sampled the diving birds and I am stunned by the high number of 'keepers' I have.
They will last me for a long time but I will still return for more !...check them out on johnboydtakespictures.co.uk.....ps I have already won a photographic competition with one of the shots !
Thanks Mark
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