Keith Bannister(non-registered)
Been coming to Marks hides for over 10 years now and they have never failed to deliver quality shots, can highly recommend
Steve Hitchen(non-registered)
I had a super day on Saturday 14th May 2022 at both the Cuckoo and the Kingfisher hides. Delighted with the images I got. Many thanks Mark, Hope to see you soon.
NICOLA USHER(non-registered)
Lovely day at the hide. I came to see 2 kingfishers I wasn't sure if I would see 2 together but after maybe an hour wait they appeared together then I think 2 more times, then both came down but one of them sat by the lake and didn't go on the perch but did catch a fish. Did have to wait a bit for each visit, think they came back every 40 minutes or so.

I think I had 7 visits from 9:30am until 4pm. 2 visits were very brief, maybe 2 minutes, longest visit around 10 minutes. Was a lovely day and I will try and get back and will definetely come back next March if 2 are around together again.
John Caldicott(non-registered)
Mark, Some amazing photographs , I can only imagine the time and patience that you have taken to get such a fantastic portfolio
Tony Cox(non-registered)
Spent an action packed Cuckoo session with Mark. I made the arrangements at short notice, communications were excellent. From the RV point after a short car drive we were walking the short distance to the site situated in picturesque marshland. Photography was conducted using a portable dome hide. Within a matter of minutes Cuckoo activity commenced with males and a female arriving throughout the two hour session they were occasionally mobbed by the resident marsh birds (Sedge Warblers and Reed Buntings) Fantastic experience to encounter Cuckoos at close quarter at a great location, the photography opportunities were as good as it gets.
Nicola Usher
My second visit to Mark's hide. I was told the Kingfisher's were on the eggs so might not get many visits, but surprisingly managed to get I think 9 or 10 visits between 9:30am to 4pm. The KF didn't stay as long on the perches as my first visit but did sit a couple of times maybe 5 minutes and at one stage over 10 minutes I think. It took a few fish away and ate maybe 3 or 4. Was lovely to see it. Will come back when they are off the eggs, can't wat.
Steve G(non-registered)
After searching for over a year I came across Marks site and quickly arranged a visit. So glad I did, a superb set up and the birds visited often and regularly to fish. Both Male and Female on numerous visits alone and then together as a pair. I'm no Pro but enjoyed this so much and the end results I've managed to achieve, I'll be arranging more with Mark in future. Can't recommend a visit highly enough. Thanks Mark
Alan McDonnell(non-registered)
I've had a fantastic day at Marks hide. I've took some lifelong ambition photos of a fantastic Kingfisher. She came within minutes of setting up, the hide is comfortable and well set out. The female came about every hour for 5 hours - I took over 2000 shots on the day and you soon work out the best way of getting the best shots of the bird - I even had a Red Kite visit the nearby trees. Thanks Mark - I intend on returning soon.
Graeme Cave(non-registered)
Mark has a fantastic setup. I took some of my best photographs ever. His knowledge of the birds is second to non. A great day and I will definitely be back.
Nicola Usher
A great day in the hide on my first visit. I was there for about 6 or 7 hours and I was worried I might not see much but as soon as I sat down the kingfisher came over to the perch. Had about 7 visits from the male kingfisher, the longest stay on the perch was 35 minutes, then it came back again 15 minutes later for it's last visit maybe 10-15 minutes on the perch. The longest gap waiting for the kingfisher was 1 hour 15 minutes. Mark showed me how to change the perches. I took 1694 photos and managed to get some nice close shots that I've been wanting to get for a long time. The hide was warm and nice and quiet.

I hope to come back and hopefully see the male and female together and get a few more action shots, maybe at some point even try the diving shots. Thanks Mark.
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